"The Code"

“A Man Has to Have a Code!”

Depending on who you ask, “They don’t make men like they used to”.  In 2022, it seems that honor has become a foreign concept within the culture.  All too often we see men walking through their respective lives without rules or values that govern their actions and relationships.  “A Man Has to Have a Code” is a quote that was instilled in me by the men that I credit for my upbringing.  The quote emphasizes the importance of manly values, ethics, and a calculated mode of operation for manhood.  Let’s be clear, this code may not be universal, and men may very well have their own individual codes.  We all have individual differences and circumstances that influence our thoughts, actions, and relationships.  However, “A Man Has to Have a Code”.  Respectfully!  

-Junior of The Black Gentleman Grooming Co., 2022


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